Date: 10/27/18 10:28 am
From: Sarah Caputo <catbird338...>
Subject: [Maine-birds] big birds and little ones
I stopped on Knox Ridge this morning and counted 17 Bald Eagles at the composting facility, 3 juveniles the rest adults, most I have seen there since last winter. I then observed a family of crows at Hilltop raiding the dumpster, one acting as lookout while the other 2 disappeared into its depths.

The feeders are busy this afternoon in driving snow mix;

3 bluejays discovered there are peanuts and have been selecting them out to cache.

2 Hairy woodpeckers

1 downy woodpecker

4 Titmice

10 + chickadees

RB nuthatches

WB nuthatches

1 Yellow-rumped warbler sneaking under the woodpeckers to eat suet

12+ Juncos in the barnyard and lawn below eating weed seeds presumably, they have not hit the feeders yet

6 + mixed Song + Whitethroated sparrows with the juncos

1 Raven checking for discarded eggs

1 obnoxious red squirrel that won't get off the big feeder.


Center Montville

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