Date: 10/26/18 6:13 pm
From: Alyssa DeRubeis <alderubeis...>
Subject: Woolsey Prairie report (Washington Co.)
A whole team of us scoured Woolsey Wet Prairie in Fayetteville, mainly for sparrows. Our entourage included Mitchell Pruitt, Jackie Guzy, Jen Mortensen, JD Willson, and a visitor from afar, Than Boves! Here are the highlights from this morning (FOS = first of season)

-Sharp-shinned Hawk (1, FOS)
-Bald Eagle (1)
-Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (1)
-Eastern Phoebe (1)
-Sedge Wren (2)
-Marsh Wren (2)
-Pine Siskin (1, FOS)
-Vesper Sparrow (1, FOS)
-Le Conte’s Sparrow
-Indigo Bunting (1)

Alas, no Nelson’s Sparrows. And the Le Conte’s was tougher to find and in a totally different spot compared to last week. Hopefully a larger Ammospiza influx is on the horizon.

Vivek Kumar and I plan to check out Chesney Prairie out in Siloam Springs (Benton Co.) on Sunday morning. If anyone is interested in joining us, feel free.

Good birding!

Alyssa DeRubeis
Fayetteville, Washington Co.
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