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Not only has the park not increased its mosquito spraying, the park has never done any mosquito spraying here to my knowledge. It's simply not in the State Park philosophy.
Mosquito control measures in the area are done by New Hanover Co. and to my knowledge they only spray along the roads outside of the park. Apparently some aerial spraying was done by Brunswick Co, but I'm not aware of any done over the park or if the flights extended across the river to New Hanover County.

Chris Helms
Carolina Beach State Park

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Fairly slow day but I got there a little numbers were Northern Flickers and Gray Catbirds...

My best observation was FOS Yellow-rumpled Warbler at aquarium...also 3 Marbled Godwits and 10+ dowitcher(sp) at Federal Point where it was high tide...good number of monarchs had overnighted near the point...Common Buckeyes & Fiery Skippers at Carolina Beach State Park...

Have not observed the migrating warblers, thrushes, and other species at CBSP like in the good old days...almost non-existent...maybe it’s just me or maybe the Park has greatly increased their mosquito spraying...???

John Ennis
Wilmington NC

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