Date: 10/25/18 6:41 pm
From: Jeffrey Short <bashman...>
Subject: Re: monarchs altitude
That is very interesting!

I would love to hear more about the flight parameters (OAT, winds, location,
time, estimated numbers, problems encountered, etc.)

Insects can be "seen" with some radar if the algorithms can be determined.

Jeff Short

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Subject: Re: monarchs altitude

I have often wondered the same thing. I have seen them flying south over
Fayetteville at the limits of my vision. Your observations of a plane
hitting them at 14,000 feet is amazing.



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Subject: monarchs altitude

Off subject a bit. While at the Ninestone field trip Sunday we were seeing
quite a few Monarchs as well as birds. we got into a discussion of how high
they fly, I commented that My sister and brother in law have a plane and
were flying at 10,000 ft when they hit a flock of Monarch Butterflies. They
had to land to clean off the plane. I e mailed them to check my memory, I
was wrong about the altitude. It was 14,000 ft.

They live in Colorado but I don't remember where they were headed when they
ran into them. Rex's family lived in New Hampshire. I think it may have been
on the way home from there.

Jacque Brown

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