Date: 10/25/18 2:26 pm
From: Wim van Dam <wim.van.dam...>
Subject: Re: [sbcobirding] Goleta Thursday
Rob: The past years GSD has had quite a few successful nests of
Black-necked Stilts, maybe that's where they came from.

I too can confirm the surge in wintering sparrows. My Solvang backyard had
its first White-throated Sparrow this morning.


On Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 1:59 PM Robert Lindsay <capnbob...> wrote:

> Thursday, 10/25, 8-11 am
> Began at the bridge pull-out at Deveraux hoping for, but missing, a
> Tropical Kingbird, though I didn't stay there very long. When I arrived, a
> Greater Yellowlegs (of three present) chased away a medium sized, slender,
> gray sandpiper that may have been a Solitary Sandpiper but the look was too
> brief and distant to be sure. The only birds of note there were four
> Redheads down the channel from the bridge.
> Dry as it has been, I went to the Coronado puddle thinking it might be a
> good draw for woodland birds. Wrong. In 15 minutes there not a single bird
> visited the puddle. I did hear a Flicker and a Wren chattering nearby but
> nothing else.
> Lake Los Carneros, on the other hand, was much better. The parking area
> was alive with warblers though the only ones I heard or got eyes on were
> Yellow-rumped. Other common birds were out and looking very sharp including
> Say's Phoebe, an exceptionally well marked Northern Flicker, California
> Thrasher, Nuttall's Woodpecker and a very cooperative male Cooper's Hawk
> perched at eye level on an open branch in the fields northeast of the lake.
> The 'beach' at the north end of the lake had several Dowitchers (too far to
> ID to species) and more Greater Yellowlegs. A good assortment of ducks were
> present including Mallard, Ruddy Duck, Gadwall, American Wigeon, Cinnamon
> Teal and Green-winged Teal. One Cinnamon Teal was very interesting. Its
> body looked normal but the head was grayish. It also had a tan crescent at
> the base of the bill shaped just like that of a Blue-winged Teal. Possibly
> a hybrid? I also am curious about one of the two swans there. One is
> obviously a Mute Swan (black bill with pink markings) but the other has a
> black bill with yellow markings near the base and pink markings nearer the
> tip. I'm embarrassed to have to ask but can someone bring me up to speed on
> the species of this individual? White-crowned Sparrows were abundant but I
> did pick out one Golden-crowned among them near the dam. The pines south of
> the lake had a Black-shouldered Kite. Finally, as I was returning to the
> parking lot, an Acorn Woodpecker chased a Sapsucker away from me. I never
> relocated the bird. All I can say with confidence was that it was a
> Sapsucker but not a Yellow-bellied. Likely it was a Red-breasted but a
> Red-naped is possible.
> At the Goleta Sewage Treatment Plant, ducks were likewise abundant and
> varied. Species included Mallard, Ruddy Duck, Gadwall, American Wigeon, and
> Cinnamon Teal. Several Solitary Sandpipers were strewn around the banks.
> The only surprise was the absence of Canada Goose which I have found very
> consistent at this spot.
> Finished up a Goleta Beach. Ran across a bird class with a flock of
> Brown-headed Cowbirds literally at their feet near the western-most
> restrooms. From the east parking lot, the tide was just starting to wash
> water into the slough. Lots of shorebirds here including all the large
> sandpipers (Willets, Marbled Godwit, Whimbrels, Long-billed Curlew and
> Greater Yellowlegs). There were also 47 Black-necked Stilt in this area
> alone. This is a common species locally but I was surprised at the
> concentration. I'm not sure where they are breeding around here, but
> wherever it is, they are doing very well. There were not many gulls present
> but the group there was also had a Caspian Tern and, I believe, three
> Elegant Tern. Finally, and not all that noteworthy, every water body I
> visited had Eared Grebe but I didn't see any Pied-billed. Go figure.
> That's all,
> Rob Lindsay

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