Date: 10/25/18 12:36 pm
From: Jeff Bilsky <jbilsky...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Birding this week - skokie lagoons (cook county)

Obviously my after work birding has been extremely limited due to the
shortening days, but I have at least poked my head into Skokie lagoons a
couple of times this week for a quick check.

Continued good numbers of Fox Sparrows to be found - along with lessening
White-throated Sparrows. Last night I had a small flock of PURPLE FINCHES -
all female types - they were on the berry trees (dark berries - sorry,
don't know my trees) along with the Robins.
Big Junco numbers and flocks continue but no sign of anything too unusual
with them besides the occasional common-ish sparrow. The waters haven't had
much in terms of fall/winter ducks yet although I did have a Horned Grebe
the other day. I'm sure more to come soon.

Will take a longer look this weekend.

good birding.

Jeff Bilsky

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