Date: 10/25/18 9:17 am
From: dianemarie yates <maribird...>
Subject: Listing parameters...
A couple years ago I reported to eBird a Henslow's sparrow at a tray feeder. It was weeks before I got to printing the thumbnails, which I've resorted to doing at a Walmart kiosk to keep the clutter off my computer. I've never been able to use those things w/o accidentally printing the same series twice, failing to find the most current stuff since it loads all 2,000& images at once from 1st to last. Consequently I printed what looked like my bird on thumbnail--dark, poorly exposed--but once enlarged was clearly a Lincoln's. It went on to plague me long after I quit eBird for having my credibility totally discredited. Later I spotted the real sequence of similar poses somewhere in the middle of the couple thousand images. Sure enough-- the golden tones, the 3 marks on side of face, etc. I suppose I should have tried again but I know the futility of attempting to locate a photo on the kiosk and my paper printer is junk with color. So I rarely try to get photos anymore. I hear of people getting recordings & wonder do they do it with smart phones? I live in a cell phone dead zone so I rarely use mine unless traveling. I know I sound like a dinosaur and I guess I am. So I content myself with keeping yard lists. I have a device that picks up birds half a mile away. I note heard, seen, & both, but often must decide whether something at the limits of my unit's hearing range should be counted. Dan Scheiman once said if I can see it from my place it counts. So for heard birds I try to adhere to the same geographic limits.

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