Date: 10/25/18 7:08 am
From: Jerry McWilliams <0000001b5c226889-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Erie County waterbird count for Oct. 25, 2018
Location: Walnut Creekaccess

Date: October 25, 2018      

Time:0750 to 0920

Weather: Cloudy, temp.42 F, wind N to 5 mph, waves one to two feet.    

Comments:  The Sunset Point area on Presque Isle S.P.will be closed for many days for beach replenishment, so the count will betaking place at the mouth of Walnut Creek until the Sunset Point area can beaccessed again.  Almost no movement onthe lake.  Interesting was watching aMerlin harass several crows for quite a while.

Waterbirds recorded:

American Black Duck  7

Lesser Scaup  6

Surf Scoter  1

White-winged Scoter  2

Red-breastedMerganser  4

Common Loon  5

Unidentified loon  4

Horned Grebe  1

Double-crestedCormorant  1


Other birds moving alongor across the lake:

Turkey Vulture  5

Bald Eagle  1

Merlin  1

Unidentified kinglet  1 Jerry McWilliamsErie, Erie County, <Pa.jerrymcw...>
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