Date: 10/24/18 8:52 pm
From: Andy Frank <andydfrank...>
Subject: [obol] Bald Eagle nest building
Bald Eagles have nested in Forest Park in Portland the past few years, and
being within walking distance of our home, my wife (who normally is not
that interested in birds) and I have frequently walked there to check on
them. It was great fun watching the 2 eaglets fledge this past spring.
Though difficult to see exactly what happened, shortly after they fledged
it appeared that much of the nest had broken off.

We were concerned that due to this they might choose another place to nest
next year.

This week we walked by the tree with the nest and suddenly an adult Bald
Eagle flew in carrying a large stick which it added to the nest. It flew
off and quickly returned with another stick. Then we heard what we assume
was its mate call.

Having enjoyed seeing that so much, we returned the following day and were
treated to seeing one of the eagles on the nest and then the other flying
in with another stick. Looks like they'll be back again this coming year,
and so will we.

BOGR confirms Bald Eagles can work on nest building any month of the year,
but I still find it fascinating that despite nesting being many months away
they are already working on preparing the nest for then.

Andy Frank

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