Date: 10/24/18 7:12 pm
From: Anderson, Leif E -FS <0000023579bcf9c3-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Listing
Greetings Glenn and all,
When it comes to listing, IT's YOUR LIST. The ABA was a great code-of-ethics that is worth following.

If we're keeping our list on eBird or we're reporting our totals to ABA then we need to follow the rules.

But if not, then whatever you want on the list is fine. I know some friends that keep a list of birds they saw on TV. Others keep a magazine list. I even know one that keeps a list that I won't talk about in public!
So whatever you are comfortable with.

Some thoughts about the Saw-whet banding, for an ABA reporting member:
The rules say you have to be able to identify it, but you're not limited to sight, it can be also by sound.
Also, after a bird is released it is countable after it returns to its normal activities.

SO I would consider listening to recordings of the AR owls and some that visit during the winter, before I went up to the Ozark Science Center. Barn, Screech, Great Horned, Barred, Long & Short-eared, Snowy and Saw whet. Learn the calls so you can hear one and identify it by sound. You could identify them long before they get to the net.

After one is netted. They may fly just a short ways before stopping in a tree. I guess I wouldn't consider this normal behavior. But if it flies to a tree, stops, eventually flies away and then you hear that bird calling farther away, well it could be considered normal behavior.

So most importantly, do what you will with your own list.

, Leif at Hector

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