Date: 10/24/18 6:29 pm
From: Hawkcount.Org Reports <reports...>
Subject: Waggoner's Gap (24 Oct 2018) 496 Raptors
Waggoner's Gap
40 km W of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Daily Raptor Counts: Oct 24, 2018

Species Day's Count Month Total Season Total
------------------ ----------- -------------- --------------
BV 1 48 48
TV 60 1269 1269
OS 2 51 258
BE 16 180 364
NH 2 70 112
SS 235 5930 6942
CH 23 388 501
NG 0 3 3
RS 9 51 58
BW 0 52 4653
RT 118 800 1003
RL 0 0 0
GE 20 86 87
AK 7 114 285
ML 1 81 112
PG 1 33 53
UA 1 7 10
UB 0 1 5
UF 0 2 5
UE 0 6 9
UR 0 17 36

Total: 496 9189 15813

Observation start time: 06:00:00
Observation end time: 16:45:00
Total observation time: 11 hours

Official Counter: Eric Beck, Ron Freed

Observers: Dave Grove, Deb Gingrich, Diane McLaughlin, Gene Wagner,
Joe Yoder, Keith Gingrich, Pat Freed, Paul Fritz,
Robert McLaughlin, Ron Freed

Jonathan Daniels, Tom & Janet Kuehl, 4

Mix of sun and clouds with NW winds. Temperatures hovered around 50F
throughout the day.

Raptor Observations:
BE JUV 8:59, 9:15,9:18, 11:42,11:49(2)
BE AD 8:45, 8:59 9:08, 10:57, 11:20, 1:00
BE 4th 10:53
BE WB 09:59, 10:07, 11:18
GE SUB 8:55, 8:10,
GE AD 7:24, 7:50(2), 8:37, 8:40, 9:20, 10:15,10:23, 11:42, 11:10, 12:17,
1:35, 2:23,2:35
GE JUV 11:12, 12:36(2),2:58
PG UN 6:53

First bird - SS 6:40
Last bird - SS 5:32

Non-raptor Observations:
CAGO - 24
COLO -19
Monarch 2

Green Flash
Report submitted by Eric Beck (<oklahomaiba...>)
Waggoner's Gap information may be found at:

More site information at

Site Description:
Waggoner’s Gap is small gap in the Kittatinny Ridge (also called Blue and
North Mountain) where PA Route 74 crosses between Cumberland and Perry
Counties. It was named for a family with extensive landholdings at the base
of the mountain in Cumberland County, not for its use by wagons. Hawk
watching and counting have been done from two sites over the years. The
first, at the concrete tower along Route 74, was used as an alternate
during inclement weather. The main site sits on the spine of the mountain
75 yards east of the highway. This site is essentially a rock pile with
steep descents on both sides. This enables watchers to see both sides of
the ridge from one spot. This gives the advantage of being able to see off
wind birds easily and increases the wind directions that are productive
without requiring a physical move. The ridge runs from the ENE to WSW. The
nearest major ridge to the south is South Mountain, roughly 12 miles
distant. The nearest major ridge to the north is Tuscarora Mountain,
roughly 14 miles away. This expanse on both sides helps limit diffusion of
the flight. Trees on both sides of the ridge limit visibility of low flying
birds. They also prevent detection of low flying birds coming down the
ridge until they are close to the lookout. It also prevents low flying
raptors from seeing the hawkwatchers until they are close. Best winds are
NW and S, with higher numbers seen with NW winds, but closer views on the S

Directions to site:
From the east: On I-81 S take the Middlesex exit (exit 52) and turn right
on Rt. 11S toward Carlisle. Go through the truckstops to the Carlisle
turnpike exchange where we pick up all Pa Turnpike travelers. Continue
south on Rt. 11 for 1.5 miles to a traffic light at Wolf Bridge Rd. Turn
right. Follow Wolf Bridge Rd 2.5 miles to a stop sign at PA Rt. 34. Turn
right and go .4 miles to a left turn on PA Rt. 944 W. Go 5 miles to a stop
sign at the intersection with Pa Rt. 74. Turn right and go 2 miles up the
mountain, being careful on the 90 degree turns. The parking lot is 200
yards beyond the crest on the right. Sign - Waggoner's Gap 1,476 feet

From Baltimore: Travel north on I83. Either take the Pa Turnpike west from
Exit 18 or turn off I-83 onto I 581 W to I 81 S a mile beyond the Turnpike.
Then follow the above.

From D.C.: Take Rt. 15N past Gettysburg to Pa Rt. 74N at Dillsburg. Follow
Rt. 74 N through Carlisle to the mountain.

From Winchester, VA: Take I 81N to exit 47A in Carlisle. Turn left on Pa
Rt. 34N. Go to the square in Carlisle and turn left onto Pa Rt. 74 N.
Follow 74 N to the parking lot (Be careful following signs, there are two
turns that can be tricky)

The Waggoner’s Gap Hawk Watch can be reached by walking up a rock trail
from the parking lot on the north side of the Kittatinny Ridge. The parking
lot is off PA Route 74, about 6 miles NW of Carlisle, Pa.
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