Date: 10/24/18 4:37 pm
From: Kay Carter <KayCarter...>
Subject: [obol] Varied Thrush?
I recorded the attached song/call at around 10:00 this morning in Canby's
Eco Park. That's a 10-or-so-acre plot stuffed full of mature Douglas Firs.
The "noise" was coming from high up in one of those trees. I'm assuming
Varied Thrush, but it doesn't sound to me that it's quite within the normal
range for that species, so I'm open to correction. It would also be much
earlier in the season than I've ever detected V. Thrush here, which
increases my uneasiness over the ID. I've edited out the worst of the
extraneous noises, so the interval between calls in the recording is
slightly reduced from what it was in reality - but not significantly so.

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