Date: 10/23/18 5:42 pm
From: Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
Subject: more yard birds
More yard work birding... been doing that a lot lately. It's frustrating
at times. It's difficult to do both at once.

Today I had a bird fly over while my binoculars and camera were sitting
in another part of the yard. There was no way to go get them as this
raptor had a very deliberate and steady course across the sky. It had
the overall impression of an accipiter, best explanation I could give...
but, it was BIG... a big bird headed north... too sleek to be a
buteo...  too big to be an accipiter... started having ideas of
something like a falcon... I really have no idea. Straight line across
the sky... slow and steady wing beats, no gliding.

Also saw some birds that might have been gulls... they were WAY up
there. Some were in formation, most were not. Even with binoculars these
were too small to get good looks at. The wings looked darker to me but,
could have been the lighting and distance. They were flying in a north
west direction just like the franklin gulls that came through the other day.

We have had a red-breasted nuthatch the past couple days... eating from
the sunflower seeds. Today a second came in and scared it, chased it...
and later, they were both around flycatching from a large hickory tree
in the yard.  Saw about 28 species in the yard today I think. It's been

Yesterday I had two ruby-crowned kinglets land about 2 feet from my face
while I was hiding in a bush. That was pretty amazing to watch up so
close. I'm not sure why they were so interested in me.

Daniel Mason

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