Date: 10/23/18 12:45 pm
From: Meredith_Lombard <000000184bf61e22-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Cumberland County, Opossum Lake, Late report--Mountain Bluebird
I was talking to an older gentleman from the Opossum Lake area about hawkwatching and birding in general recently. He mentioned that he maintained bluebird houses and enjoyed having eastern bluebirds coming to his garden and feeders in the summer. He then said he had "an all blue bluebird, real light blue" that would come to his garden, perch on his wash line pole, and visit his feeders. He looked at it with binoculars and said he didn't know what it was because "it didn't have any red on it like the other ones" (i.e. the eastern bluebirds). I showed him a picture of a mountain bluebird and he said that's what he had been seeing. He guessed that the last time he saw it was in September. He lives in the 100 block of West Lake Drive near Opossum Lake.

Good birding,

Meredith Lombard
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