Date: 10/23/18 6:31 am
From: Dana Duxbury-Fox <danafox...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Lawrence Crow Patrol October 22nd another theory broken
Another night, another theory blown. Just when you think you have it
straight, these crows blow up your theory and even change the script.

I wrote the following in an article in Bird Observer published February 2018

"Staging areas are usually different almost every night. In Lawrence, crows
start to pour into the city along the Merrimack River from all directions
about an hour before sunset on a winter day. It is a breathtaking experience
watching the crows stream in against the background of old textile mills,
factories, telephone wires, and lights. They appear immune to the fact that
they are settling into a bustling city. No one knows for sure how far away
the crows come from. Each night, they seem to choose a different staging
area either to the east or the west of their final roosting spot. Every
night is like "Where's Waldo" experience."

Nothing like putting something in print and before it is even printed, have
the crows totally change their behavior. In early January of this year
(before the article was printed), rather than " In Lawrence, crows start to
pour into the city along the Merrimack River from all directions about an
hour before sunset on a winter day", they started to stage all over the city
(not near New Balance) often miles from their earlier staging areas and
they even roosted in different places. That was last winter!

Well. last night we got to watch a dramatic new show. An hour before sunset
(our recommended time!!!!) we set up to the west of New Balance off of
Merrimack St. and saw a few crows from the south and west we believe staging
there.. We moved to the New Balance Parking lot off of So Union St. and
parked a few cars in facing the river but with a great viewing spot from the
passenger's side down the river. Suddenly, at sunset (an hour later than
previous years), the crows from the EAST poured in over the Merrimack River
in the dwindling light for half an hour, flock by flock and went straight
into the roost - all 4,500 of them. Bob had a view point where he could
count them as they streamed by rising over the "Duck" bridge, (South Union
St.). They seemed to come in in large flocks from the north either from
behind the hospital hill trees or over the pre-release center, turn and then
following the river west. So these birds had staged somewhere else and came
directly into the roost after sunset. Why? Will they continue to do this as
the winter progresses? Are these all "local" crows? Where did they stage?

On the 16th and 18th, we had noticed as we were observing from the west side
of the New Balance Building, quite a few crows streaming in from the east
starting at sunset and going into the roost. On the 19th we tried to find
their approach route and watched as they streamed over the pre-release
prisoner center between the river and the approach to Rt. 495. On the 21st,
we searched north of that spot on the east and west of the river and saw TWO
crows, but last night we hit the jackpot.

You must come to see the spectacle. Please report an sightings of crows
especially to the east.

More to follow!!!

As we move through the birding community, I am beginning to acknowledge the
title of the "crow lady"!!!!!

In the summer, I change titles up north I am the "loon lady"!!!!!

Keep in touch,


Dana Duxbury-Fox

North Andover, MA

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