Date: 10/22/18 6:09 pm
From: Clem Klaphake <ckavian...>
Subject: Re: [ia-bird] Why does NE Iowa lack breeding Northern Saw-whet Owls?
Saw-whet Owls have been found to be breeding in Nebraska in recent years
and several reports on hearing them. The locations
for nesting (in boxes put out) were in the Wildcat Hills area of way
western Nebraska and in the Halsey area (north central
Neb.). Both had successful fledglings that were banded. Other summer
'hearings' were in eastern Cherry County east of
Valentine and central Cherry County this past summer. Other reports
have come from Sheridan County. And for several
years now there are reports form the loess canyons around North Platte
(Lincoln County). All of these
reports are in late winter/early spring or summer. I suspect there are
more nestings, but they are very nocturnal, small in size and easy not
to see or hear unless one is closely tuned in, in Spring and early
Clem Klaphake
Bellevue, NE

On 10/22/2018 3:16 PM, <ritag...> wrote:
> Good question, I look forward to a knowledgeable reply. I suspect they need a more hilly or mountainous terrain.
> Rita G.
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> Subject: [ia-bird] Why does NE Iowa lack breeding Northern Saw-whet Owls?
> I got to thinking the other day about Saw-whet Owls. Both MN and WI have summer records. Further East, I have heard them in the mountains of Maryland in May. Talking to a friend who manages a the Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary for Indiana Audubon. They have them calling in the summer. Mary Gray is 200 + miles S of NE Iowa.
> Why do we have none?
> Rick Hollis
> rural North Liberty IA
> 319 665 3141
> 319 541 8085 [mobile]
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