Date: 10/22/18 1:02 pm
From: Caleb Centanni <caleb...>
Subject: [obol] The Dallas CBC will be Thursday, December 27th
Hi all,

The Dallas Christmas Bird Count in Polk County will be held on Thursday,
December 27th this year.

Our count, centrally located in the Willamette Valley, has a remarkable
variety of habitats, birds, and birding to offer. Whether you love
exploring the remote coast range, sorting through beautiful winter sparrows
and waterfowl from the warmth of your vehicle, or simply going for a bird
walk in the local neighborhood park, we have a place for you. We have spots
for those who enjoy hiking, biking, and driving.

The Dallas count circle includes everything from Baskett Slough National
Wildlife Refuge, one the best birding spots in Western Oregon, to the
beautiful oak woodlands of the Valley, to the high and very under-birded
wilderness of the Coast Range. The variety of habitat and the teamwork of
our observers almost always leads to interesting and unexpected finds.
Teams in the last few years have been rewarded with surprises such as
Harris's Sparrow, Say's Phoebe, Ross's Goose, a wintering Common
Yellowthroat, and some of the few remaining Lewis's Woodpeckers that winter
in the Valley.

We always have fun on our count, and we welcome observers of all skill
levels. We will finish the day with our countdown in a warm indoor
location, along with healthy portions of our count's traditional steamy
minestrone soup.

Let me know if you're interested in joining us! We meet at 7 AM on count
day at the Dallas Safeway. Hope to see you there!

Best wishes to all, and happy birding!

Caleb Centanni,

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