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Subject: IBET Great Lakes Piping Plover update
Dear IBETers,
Louise Clemency, Field Supervisor for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, just sent us the attached informal summary of this season's Great Lakes Piping Plover status.  The summary is still being finalized but it appears the plovers have had a good season.  Note that restoration efforts are mentioned as contributing greatly to this outcome.

Best regards,
Leslie BornsChicago/Cook 

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Date: Mon, Oct 22, 2018 at 10:35 AM
Subject: Re: [EXTERNAL] Fwd: today's Montrose Piping Plover
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Hey Louise,
Very interesting on the late piper at Montrose! Could be a Great Lakes nest that we didn't find or maybe a Great Plains piper taking a bit of an easterly migration route.  I sent Georgia some info and she is working on a season summary to go out to the press and on social media and the like.
In the meantime here is some summary information for this season,
2018 Season Summaryfor Great Lakes Piping PloverIn 2018 the Great Lakes piping plover population fell to 67pairs after several years of hovering around the 75 pair mark.  After a relatively poor breeding season in2017 (1..26 chicks fledged per pair) and an unusually cold winter season inparts of the wintering range (similar to the winter that pre-staged the 2010-11population drop) a decline in population was not wholly unexpected.  Despite the population falling, 2018 wasstill a successful breeding season.  Forthe second year in a row breeding piping plovers were found on all five GreatLakes.  When this happened in 2017, itwas the first time there were breeding plovers on all five Great Lakes in 55years. The chick production in 2018 was very good at 1.84 chicksper pair fledged in the wild and 1.99 chicks fledged per pair including chicksthat fledged from the salvage captive rearing program.  This made 2018 the best breeding season since2013, and one of the best years ever. Particularly good breeding success occurred at Sleeping Bear Dunes NationalLakeshore which fledged a record 72 chicks, Wasaga beach in Ontario whichfledged 9 chicks out of 12 eggs laid and in the eastern Lakes where nests inPennsylvania and New York both fledged 4 chicks each.Habitat restoration work continued to pay dividends.  The Piping Plover habitat restored atWilderness State Park in Northern Michigan had 3 piping plover pairs thatfledged 4 chicks and the restored Cat Island chain also had 3 pairs thatfledged 3 chicks.2018 Breeding SeasonStatistics67 Pairs68 nests263 eggs laid204 eggs hatched inthe wild123 chicks fledged inthe wild10 chicks fledged incaptivity1.84 chicks per pairfledged in the wild (recovery criteria is 1.5)1.99 chicks per pairfledged counting captive chicks
On Mon, Oct 22, 2018 at 9:52 AM Clemency, Louise <louise_clemency...> wrote:

Hi Vince,
Please see note below - our Montrose birders are very excited about this unbanded plover that has been hanging around!  Is there a summary of this season somewhere that you can send me please?  Thanks much,Louise
Louise Clemency 
Field Supervisor
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Chicago Ecological Services Office
230 South Dearborn St., Suite 2938Chicago, IL 60604
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