Date: 10/21/18 8:26 pm
From: Ethan Massey <ethanmassey20...>
Subject: Re: Cackling Goose question
The handful of times that I have seen cacklers in Arkansas in the winter they have been mixed in with a flock of white-fronts.

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Subject: Cackling Goose question

On 16 October I was photographing a large flock of Greater White-fronted Geese at Bald Knob NWR. Mixed in the flock were a few Snow Geese, both some white ones and some blue ones. But, today while showing my wife the photos, we noticed there were a couple Cackling Geese. They were noticeably smaller than the GWFG with a beak smaller than a standard Canada Goose. Do the Cackling Geese normally mix with the GWFG flocks? I have seen them mixed with the Canada Geese, but I've not noticed them mixed in with the other geese before. Thanks.

Glenn Wyatt

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