Date: 10/21/18 8:07 pm
From: Cuyler Stapelmann <cuylerstapelmann...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Scorpion at Santa Cruz Island
Hi all,

After seeing Nick’s post last weekend and hearing about the continued, though less intense, Santa Ana’s all week, I spent today at Scorpion. Much of that time was spent sorting through sparrows. In total I had 10 species of sparrow: chipping, clay-colored, Brewer’s, fox, juncos, white-crowned, song, Lincoln’s, rufous-crowned, and spotted towhee. Some of the mixed sparrow flocks had 6-7 species, and of course within each species there were varying plumages, plus they kept getting flushed by hikers, so it took some effort but it paid off. I finally found all three expected fall/winter spizellas in the same flock and in the same view at the same time (chipping, clay-colored, and Brewer’s). I ended up with a total of four clay-colored sparrows, which seemed noteworthy, and obtained photos of three of those individuals. One clay-colored sparrow was particularly unafraid of me, and at one point I was looking down at my feet to watch it feed. There wasn’t anything else too exciting but a pair of warbling vireos, a pair of peregrine falcons, and a Nashville warbler kept things interesting.

Also, someone needs to put those foxes on a diet.

Santa Barbara

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