Date: 10/21/18 8:50 am
From: Jerry McWilliams <0000001b5c226889-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Erie County waterbird count for Oct. 21, 2018
Location: Sunset Point,Presque Isle State Park

Date: October 21, 2018      

Time:0740 to 0940

Weather: Cloudy, temp.40 F, wind NW to 20 mph, waves five to six feet.    

Comments:  Very light waterfowl movement though therewas good species diversity with nearly all ducks moving west.  Small groups of Dunlin were moving west nearshore.   Jim Flynn, Shannon Thompson, and Dave Wiltonassisted with the count.

Waterbirds recorded:

Gadwall  4

American Black Duck  9

Mallard  1

Northern Pintail  2

Green-winged Teal  1

Redhead  1

Greater Scaup  1

Lesser Scaup  82

Surf Scoter  20

White-winged Scoter  10

Black Scoter  4

Surf/Black scoter  1

Long-tailed Duck  1

Bufflehead  15

Common Goldeneye  3

Red-breastedMerganser  10

Common Loon  9

Horned Grebe  1

Double-crestedCormorant  80

Dunlin  58

Common Tern  2

Other birds moving alongor over the lake:

Bald Eagle  10

Passerine  5 Jerry McWilliamsErie, Erie County, <Pa.jerrymcw...>
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