Date: 10/20/18 8:03 pm
From: Tye Jeske <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender tjeske233 for DMARC)
Subject: [obol] Florence Area Birds
Today Alan Contreras, Daniel Farrar, and I birded around the Florence and Siltcoos region today. We had great conditions out on the coast and some good birds.

We started at the Siltcoos River Estuary where we got about 30 species. Nothing too exotic besides a yellow-shafted flicker. Shorebird wise we had a single sanderling, killdeer, Long billed Dow, black-bellied plov and a group of Dunlin. Only 2 flyover pipits, which isn't many for this time of year. Lots of myrtle warblers as well. Pretty basic fall migrant movement happening at Siltcoos. No longspur, shrike, or tropical Ks were seen.

We next went to the port of Siuslaw campground to look for the 3 palm warblers. It took us a little while but we eventually found 2 of them. They were unusually high up for a palm. We ran into quite a few birders there including Scott McNeely and Kit Larson. Other highlights at the port included a very loud flyover osprey (a bit late), and a California scrub jay.

After lunch we headed over to the South Jetty. We first stopped at the dog pond which only held 5 species. And some bafoon took the fence down to try and drive the car into the dog pond. Not much along the south Jetty road, expect on our way back we had a immature shrike, Kit and Scott had one to, but in a different location, so probably different bird. We took a look at the crab docks which again didn't hold much. We then went to the south Jetty parking lot, we did not walk the Jetty, in the channel we saw some surf scoters, common loon, red-necked grebe, and a somewhat late rhino auk.

We headed over to the North Jetty next, we only checked the mudflats, and didn't go into the main parking lot area. The Mudflats had a higher than usual amount of gulls, about 350 calis, 50 western, 2 glaucous-winged, 10 herring, and a single ring-billed. The most unusual thing at the Mudflats, at the Mudflats was a young coot, in the small creek that had seemingly given up on life, while trying not to become a eagle-snack.

We then finished off with Waite ranch. Where we got 34 species. In prosser slough there was a lot of mallards, a single coot, a few green wing teal, and a couple hoody mergs. A lot of song sparrows and waxwing dominated Waite. A few Lincoln's, golden-crowned, and a single savannah and white crowned sparrow as well. Highlights were a couple of late turkey vultures a brief look at a swamp sparrow, which is a bit early, but not totally unusual as they have wintered there at least twice. The biggest surprise was two ruffed grouse in the bushes along the dike which were giving alarm calls, and gave us a brief look.

That's mostly everything that was important to talk about, great day Birding in Florence! Alan of Daniel can add anything I forgot

Good Birding.
Tye J

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