Date: 10/20/18 4:28 pm
From: Ron Hirst <ronhirst...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Carp Creek, and city hall tams Palm Warblers
This morning from 9-10:30 a few birders were on Carp Creek and nothing rare was found as far as I know. There weren't a lot of birds except above 8th St.  On the creek there were a few Townsends, a Wilson's Warbler, a drab Yellow Warbler with unmarked face and the bulging eyes, a Pac Slope Flycatcher, 3 Bl. Phoebes, 40 YR Warblers, about 10 OC Warblers, a few Am. Goldfinches, a House Wren, a Cassins or Western Kingbird near the outflow, Some Ca. Towhees, Yellowthroats, sparrows, finches and munias were seem. A No. Flicker flew over.  btw Yellow Shafted Flickers and YB Sapsuckers were abundant in a couple parks I visited 2 weeks ago in NY/NJ. There were 6 YS Flickers in one bush in the Rambles of Central Park.

At the city hall tamarisk row in the small birdy sunflower field near the ocean 10:30-11 Noah Arthur found a Palm Warbler and a second one was seen at the same time. In the tams were a couple small flocks including a Wilson's, 3 Bl Throated Gray, 2 Townsends, a Warbling Vireo, and a Gnatcatcher Noah saw which seemed to have a mostly black undertail. A Pac Slope Flycatcher, a couple W. Bluebirds, a Say's Phoebe and a few YR Warblers and Lesser Goldfinches rounded out the tam row birds. 
Ron Hirst, SB

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