Date: 10/20/18 10:38 am
From: Peter Stangel <peter...>
Subject: Phinizy Swamp Warbler Wave
It was a magical morning with warblers today at Phinizy Swamp in Augusta, just across the River from South Carolina. Most of the action was on the trail around the Equalization Pond. This trail is elevated about 15' and is bordered by second growth hardwoods as well as tall pines and hardwoods. Had 13 species and spectacular eye-level or lower views.

At the far end of the pond, where the dirt road leads to the water treatment plant, there is a small Bradford pear maybe 20' tall. Its leaves have turned dark. At one point, I had five Cape Mays, 2 Parulas, 1 Tennesse, 1 Magnolia, and a Red-winged Blackbird simultaneously in view.

Full list: Black-and-white (3), Tennessee (2), Common Yellowthroat (5), American Redstart (5), Cape May (6, at least), Parula (10), Magnolia (4), Bay-breast (1), Blackpoll (1-amazing views; could even see yellow feet), Blackburnian (1), Palm (20+), Pine (6), Myrtle (5). I wish the Phinizy bird photographers had been with me-they would have been in heaven.

Peter Stangel-Aiken, SC
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