Date: 10/19/18 1:42 pm
From: Will Cook <cwcook...>
Subject: Re: Politics in Carolina Birds....
Please no discussion of politics on Carolinabirds unless it's something directly related to birds or birding. And we would also appreciate a stop to the "Amen" messages that don't add anything. If you would like to discuss politics, please find a more appropriate forum or create your own.

Posting Guidlines

When sending messages to Carolinabirds, please:

Only post messages with subject matter that relates directly to birds and birding in the Carolinas. Try to avoid discussing related subjects such as hunting, cats, politics, and general conservation issues. While these are important topics, there are many newsgroups and other forums where these can be discussed. Carolinabirds needs to maintain its focus for it to remain useful.

People who continue may lose their posting privileges.

Thanks for keeping Carolinabirds friendly - and please don't feed the trolls!

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