Date: 10/19/18 8:24 am
From: Karen Konarski-Hart <karen...>
Subject: Re: Late Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds
Some have talked about taking down their hummingbird feeders when the birds seem to be gone. Please don’t. Except to clean & replace them. We leave ours out all year & were surprised a few years ago when we had a female rufous spend days with us during a January ice storm. It’s been hypothesized that there may be more & different hummingbirds than we’ve thought that come through in winter but they don’t make it because of the paucity of food sources when they need it most. Our little wanderer stayed for the duration of sub freezing temps. (As low as 16 degrees). So maybe rethink pulling in those energy drinks and consider offering them year round. The life you save may be a bird’s. Karen Hart

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Last night at about 6:00p I was VERY surprised to see 2 female Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds on my feeders here on Beaver Lake. I was happy to have left the feeders up yet and have made new food in case they return today.
Photo of one -
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