Date: 10/18/18 8:11 pm
From: Anderson, Leif E -FS <0000023579bcf9c3-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Southbound geese, loads of RB Nuthatches, 2 Crossbills and 2 RT Hummingbirds
Greetings all,
Tues the 16th had a push of multiple flocks of Snow and White-fronted Geese, flying low under the clouds.
As ya'll have commented RB Nuthatches are here in big numbers at many locations, especially in the pine stands of the national forest.
On Sat the 13th I had 2 Red Crossbills in a Pine Seedtree cut, on the national forest, NorthWest of Dover. (probably type 2's)
We still have 2 Ruby-throats coming to the office feeders.
Cheers, Leif at Hector

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