Date: 10/18/18 3:50 pm
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Subject: [birders] Holiday Beach Conservation Area (18 Oct 2018) 478 Raptors
Holiday Beach Conservation Area
Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada
Daily Raptor Counts: Oct 18, 2018

Species Day's Count Month Total Season Total
------------------ ----------- -------------- --------------
Turkey Vulture 427 22336 24017
Osprey 0 12 37
Bald Eagle 0 39 114
Northern Harrier 3 164 305
Sharp-shinned Hawk 33 2622 3849
Cooper's Hawk 2 87 123
Northern Goshawk 0 0 0
Red-shouldered Hawk 2 21 23
Broad-winged Hawk 0 196 7322
Red-tailed Hawk 6 120 194
Rough-legged Hawk 0 0 0
Golden Eagle 0 1 1
American Kestrel 1 859 1297
Merlin 1 22 44
Peregrine Falcon 0 19 37
Unknown Accipiter 0 7 20
Unknown Buteo 3 13 28
Unknown Eagle 0 0 0
Unknown Falcon 0 2 5
Unknown Raptor 0 4 7

Total: 478 26524 37423

Observation start time: 07:00:00
Observation end time: 13:15:00
Total observation time: 6.25 hours

Official Counter: Craig Evans


4 Visitors, not including a large group of school students who never
actually made it to the top, were at the tower today. This does include
Bill and Karen from Michigan, Greg from Windsor, and Bob HB.

Sunny skies all day with 0% cloud cover. At first check, the temperature
was - 1 C and the the wind direction was pointed to the north (ideal raptor
conditions) but there was absolutely no wind. It warmed up quickly in the
sunlight. The "wind' soon shifted to the west, then southwest and increased
only slightly.

Raptor Observations:
It was a very slow day for raptors passing over the tower. It seemed like
everything was far to the north. The Turkey Vultures could be seen
streaming along with a few buteos, but this was at the limit of 10X
binoculars in some cases and the limit of the scope in others. Only a few
dozen Sharp-shined Hawks were observed flying over. A Merlin flew by at
close distance. A few of the resident Bald Eagles and the Osprey were
hunting around.

Non-raptor Observations:
There was lots of other activity around the tower today. Many White-crowned
Sparrows have moved in, along with the White-throated Sparrows. A Hermit
Thrush was observed, 2 Carolina Wren, 2 Orange-crowned Warbler, a Nashville
Warbler and a few Palm Warblers. A juv. Black-crowned Night Heron was
observed. A few mammal species of note that were observed from the tower
today were the elusive North American beaver and 2 White-tailed deer.

Blue Jays - 4750
Monarch - 1

Winds are expected to continue from the southwest tonight and through
tomorrow with mostly sunny skies.
Report submitted by Craig Evans (<cpe4...>)
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