Date: 10/18/18 2:34 pm
From: Dennis Arendt <dennisarendt...>
Subject: [obol] Says Phoebe & Band Tailed Pigeon & Arlie Park
I failed to be specific about the location of the Say's Phoebe. It was
seen at Lane Community College (LCC) in Eugene. There is a small trail
into the hills south of the college from the south east section of the
parking lot. Oak Hill School is next to this trail. The Phoebe was seen
near the cell tower which is easily seen from the southeast part of the
parking lot. The phoebe perched on the fence separating the college
property from the oak hill school property; it flew onto the roof of one of
the oak hill school buildings.

Ellen Cantor and I saw a single Band-tailed Pigeon fly into the tops of oak
trees. It was feeding on something up there. I am having a hard time
imagining the pigeon eating several acorns, but I cannot think of what else
it might feed on.

We walked south on the trail from the southeast corner of the parking lot
into the hills behind LCC. This section of hills south of LCC has been a
favorite birding area for years. During the past two years it has been
torn up and developed into large lots for multimillion dollar homes. We
have not birded this area because of the heavy equipment and keep out
signs. Ellen and I followed a trail into the housing development property,
through dense woods on the LCC property. Much of the forest still
remains. New roads has been bulldozed through the forest. Trees and brush
are piled high in open areas. We crossed the housing development to get to
the undeveloped Suzanne Arlie Park. This park will be an important link in
the Ridge Line trail system. The park itself is still in good birding
condition, though it is difficult to get to it. We were told by one of the
workers in the housing development that we could drive through their
property to get into the park. After we walked back to my car, we drove
through the gate which can be reached from main west entrance to LCC. We
were able to drive south up the hill until we reached a locked gate. We
turned around and instead of driving straight south after entering the
gate, we turned east and that road took into the Suzanne Arlie Park. There
ought to be a way to get into Suzanne Arlie Park from the west, near Spring
Blvd. That we will be explored another day. There may be another way to
get into the park from the south, off Scharon Road.

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