Date: 10/18/18 7:23 am
From: Michael Zarky <mzarky...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Blue-winged location this past Monday
Since learning from yesterday's posts about the possible absence of
the Blue-winged Warbler, in which Joan Lentz wrote

>Today Larry Ballard and I birded Carp Creek for over 2 hours without
>finding the Blue-winged Warbler. However, we ran into John and Ann
>Doty, who said they'd seen a good candidate for the bird, and they
>had some photos. I am hoping they will submit those with their eBird
>checklist. They were standing about 10 yds. north towards the Carp
>Ave. bridge from the run-down wooden shed, when they had the bird.
>That is as far north as its been, I believe.

I thought I should tell (I've been busy and I'll never get through
the thousands of images I took etc etc) my experience on Monday. In
late morning the bird was very frenetic in trees just south of the
white 'shack', and it rarely was out of sight since its constant
movement revealed its location regularly. [never came low enough for
good photos even from up on the bank]. When I returned about 3pm some
birders showed it to me on the east bank as before, but north of the
shack. I saw it less frequently up until I left at 4pm; but I can
give one specific location. There is a low wooden deck visible from
the creek, overgrown with an orange-flowered vine, and looking beyond
it there is a not-so-large sprawling cottonwood tree which perhaps
overhangs the deck a bit; the bird was feeding there at times. Not
the closest view but any movement in the leaves is easily seen.

Michael Zarky
Moorpark, CA 93021 USA

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