Date: 10/17/18 9:07 am
From: Frank Enders (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: When Donald Trump tries to fix man-made climate change, will birders vote for him?
A few days ago it occurred to me that Donald Trump may well try to promote his brand of politicians by addressing climate change. So, now he has said there is something there. Maybe he is just trying to pour oil on troubled waters, just trying to reduce voter turnout.

Man-made climate change is a big issue for birders. When I told my wife I might vote for Trump if he got off the mark, she began to threaten me.
Are we birders going to take "yes" for an answer if Trump starts to change his evil ways? Or will we simply think he is again scamming us? Or, are we going to say he is going in the direction we want, if he starts to reverse stuff he has said and done which has not been appropriate for a decent tomorrow for all of us?
I guess I am foolishly hopeful that he is now realizing he needs to do what needs to be done. I hardly care just how we clean up our environment and our future.

The latest hurricanes and more disasters are needed for people, especially people living privileged insulated lives to to realize what needs to be done. (Consider the history of gross air and water pollution in the US, and the amelioration we have seen.)
I know that some of the people will never "get with the program", but with enough untoward consequences, we may get enough of our "opponents" to join us to have a reasonable chance to fix this mess up.

Again, I think Betsy Kane's concerns are reasonable, if overwrought. And, I think/hope the silver lining is that our so-called leaders (politicians including Trump) may be starting to realize reality and perhaps will get on board to do what needs to be done.

Frank Enders, Halifax, NC

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