Date: 10/17/18 8:48 am
From: Frank Enders (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Hurricanes and birds and global warming
Metaphorically, we all need need to take a chill pill. Canada's legalization of pot suggests a way. Or, slow and steady pressure.

Seriously, let everybody, especially our self-promoting politicians, take a deep breath and relax.

After the hurricanes in the West Indies, plant and animal life came back quickly. Impressive localized damages, or even slight, continued damage is just the symptom we need to cure.

The problem, as Ms. Kane pointed out, is not in the natural world, but the unnatural world and the failure of voters, the political system and so forth.

I should stop right here.

[For example, New Bern lacks a gauge on the Neuse, which might give warnings of a wind or tide-generated flood. The gauges are upstream--i.e., record AFTER the floods!
Another example, Ms. Kane and my daughter live 10 feet above sea level. Not enough for the so-called 500-year floods which occur every decade now. Are the realtors required to provide (insert into the deed?) information on major repairs done to properties (say one fourth the assessed value)? Could any voters or politicians get such a requirement into law, against the super-duper realtor lobbies? Are buyers to expect "moral" property owners to inform them of actual history of flood/storm damage?
Why don't we just stop all development below 50 foot (30?) elevation? I was surprised to read parts of Wilmington are 35 feet above sea level. Why didn't the city fathers act on the facts?

It is pushing on a rope.
It is illegal to buy votes, but give money, anonymously even, and you will get to buy votes. (How is it even possible that we allow lawbreakers to live?)
It is unresponsive government. It is a war on poverty which never was prosecuted to victory.
It is whitewash and greenwash.
It is a two party system which disenfranchises the majority of voters. Choose red meat or white. Choose death or taxes.
It is no easy way to recall a politician--we should forget the details of impeachment. Just put it to a vote after a petition.
It is choosing self-promoting people as candidates, instead of just randomly choosing from the population; randomly chosen officials probably could do a hell of a lot better than the so-called (self-)elected officials.
It is a failed state, this USA. We talk about others, failed states (Congo, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, etc.) but they are merely bad in comparison to our failed state,and we (and Europe, and the rulers of those worse countries) have helped make them fail.
The only thing is, our imperialism (and genocide, thieving from native Americans and blacks) and "respect" for money/property, has made the US so rich that the poor of the world realize they are better off as wage-slaves here than in their impoverished s___-hole countries. (Yes, they are s___-hole countries, but how did they get that way?)

Now I will take a deep breath, and go back to my own immorality and criminality, just as we all do. Seriously, we neem major surgery to this country, but bit by bit. Hopefully, as in my next post, there is a way, which requires enough damage and loss to get the public's attention.]

Frank Enders, Halifax, NC

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