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Subject: Re: Let's help Ninestone match
The check is in the mail!
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Subject: Let's help Ninestone match
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Date: Monday, October 15, 2018, 2:53 PM

Dear Audubon
Consider pulling out
your checkbooks. Many of you have enjoyed field trips to
Ninestone Land Trust in Carroll County sponsored by
Northwest Arkansas Audubon Society and others. I am hoping
some of you can contribute $$ helping Ninestone
meet a challenge grant for continued restoration work on
natural glades there. All funds go toward these efforts.
Amounts high and low welcome.
Loss of glades and
savanna habitat is widespread in the Ozarks. The effort and
experiences at Ninestone encourages other private land
owners in the Ozarks to work on additional glade habitat. In
this respect, Ninestone is a living classroom
already inspiring others. Success at Ninestone fosters
success elsewhere.
Glade and savanna
restoration has broad ecosystem implications, impacting
numerous animal and plant species. Requested funds will
support ongoing effort to suppression non-native plants in
both the glades, savannas and surrounding open
fields and therefore help release residual natives.
Many bird species in
the Ozarks like Prairie Warblers and Blue-winged Warblers
are associated with glades and open fields with native
grasses and other plants. We can support these bird
populations by helping restore once widespread
Arkansas Audubon
Society Trust has generously offered Ninestone $500 toward
these valuable projects. None of this is available until
Ninestone matches this amount through private fund-raising.
That’s where we come in. Let’s do the match.
Speaking as a Life Member of Arkansas Audubon Society,
field trip leader for Northwest Arkansas Audubon Society,
and Board member of Ninestone Land Trust, Inc., we can
encourage forward movement on the environmental front by
making Ninestone glade restoration
a big success.
Let’s get this done.
Write a check and make a note it is for the AAS Trust match.
Ninestone Land Trust, Inc., 973 County Road 512, Berryville,
Arkansas 72616. Since Don Matt and Judith Griffith are
handling all the work on site at Ninestone,
I agreed to help raise this match. If you have questions,
feel free to call me 479 521 1858.

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