Date: 10/16/18 3:48 pm
From: Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...>
Subject: [obol] Cool weather site- for birders too
I was just checking the RAWS weather to figure out if the smoke was going
to let up in Coos Bay from the Klondike fire. RAWS stands for remote area
weather station. If you do a web search and go to RAWS- Oregon it takes you
to a map of state. You can check the map which is delineated into counties
with blue squares for RAWS sites and figure out real time data including
high and low wind speeds, RH, and the like. Places like Fields BLM guard
station (just down road from town), Cabin Lake guard station, etc. etc. can
be accessed.

So search and go to RAWS- Oregon. Check map and pick out a location. A
screen comes out with a bunch of options. Easiest is just to pick out daily
summary on top left. Then another form comes up on right- just hit submit.
This will bring up all the hourly weather for the day since midnight.

So I was just wondering about the smoke from the Klondike (was
contemplating camping up near Mt. Bolivar in SE Coos and birding tomorrow
AM early). I checked two sites- one called Bald Mt Lookout (west of Bolivar
but close to it) and another south in Curry on edge of Kalmiopsis- Quail
Prairie Lookout. They both showed south to southeast winds, humidities
between 10 and 17 (single digits overnight! And very windy), plus fairly
windy conditions. That means continued smoky conditions here and no thanks
on the camping idea.

Pretty cool tool!

Happy birding,
Tim R
In smoky Coos Bay

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