Date: 10/16/18 9:41 am
From: 'bill butler' via Birders <birders...>
Subject: [birders] ailing Cedar Waxwing recap
Thank you to the many folks who replied to my post about the ailing Cedar Waxwing. Some gaps to my education have been filled and I'm relieved to hear that an infectious disease is unlikely.

Two causes were suggested multiple times: a window strike and inebriation (from overipe fruit/berries). Since the nearest window was 100 feet away with several intervening trees, a window strike, while not impossible, doesn't seem as plausible as being inebriated. As Penny pointed out, an over indulgence on fermented berries also offers an explanation as a source for the red streaks in the stool. Since white wines and lagers can ferment under 10 degrees celsius, the recent cool weather doesn't preclude fermentation.

I did check on the bird the following morning. It was gone with nary a feather left behind, so hopefully it has rejoined its flock with only a hangover as a consequence of a berry debauch.

Cheers, Bill.

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