Date: 10/15/18 1:41 pm
From: 'C or M Johnstone' <anhinga...> [nflbirds] <nflbirds-noreply...>
Subject: [nflbirds] SMNWR conditions
I spent some time in the refuge this morning doing clean up and took a few photos which you can look at in the drop box link provided below.

Expect the refuge to be closed for about a week (per Dan Frisk), but this is just an estimate. Updates will be put on the refuge website, so check there for the latest. Lots of debris on the roads; some damage to fences, stairs, and kiosks around the lighthouse; storm surge was of sufficient height to float the saltwater boat ramp off its pilings, to put a picnic table from the picnic area into Lighthouse Road, and knock the bear proof trash cans out of their cement foundations at the picnic area. Lighthouse road does have at least one area that is partially undermined.

Several feet of salt water intruded into all of the impoundments. East River Pool, Mounds #1, Stony Bayou #2, and Headquarters Pond had virtually no salinity prior to this event. The small parking area at "the bench" on Mounds #1 is badly eroded and gullied, evidence of the intensity of the storm surge. I'm sure there will be significant impacts to aquatic - and some terrestrial - vegetation. We'll see what the waterfowl do this winter. Many birds were hanging out today in places they don't usually. Wasn't birding, but had FOS Am. Bittern and White Pelicans.

I did not travel the back levees, so don't know if they are passable. All of the pools visible from Lighthouse Road are very high and holding water, so apparently no major breaches. Don't know about levees around Stony Bayou #2. Stony Bayou #1 was drawn down in anticipation of the storm, so is lower than prior to storm. A weird sight were the piles of foam blown up into water control canals opposite SB #1.

Dropbox link-

The glass lizard was alive and wriggled off. Matt

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