Date: 10/14/18 9:32 am
From: 'C or M Johnstone' <anhinga...> [nflbirds] <nflbirds-noreply...>
Subject: [nflbirds] hummingbird help
I have a hummer coming to my feeder that may be a female Black-chinned, but I have zero experience separating that from a similar plumaged Ruby-throat.. I have a couple pics I can share. The first thing that caught my attention was the back seemed a bit bronzer than most hummers. Looking in Sibley's and Nat Geo, some other features seem to align with Black-chinned: the bird pumps its tail constantly when hovering, the bill is somewhat decurved, the wings are just about as long as the tail when perched, and the shape of the tips of the flight feathers, particularly P10 are blunt. Not sure if the primary tips are different on imm. vs. adults. Any help appreciated. Matt

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