Date: 10/13/18 5:01 pm
From: Alan Contreras <acontrer56...>
Subject: [obol] Curry birds
Spent the day birding Curry County. Started with a Lapland Longspur hanging with pipits at Floras Lake, where the Swamp Sparrow continues along the lakeshore near the last pines on the main trail.

Arizona Beach offered a Palm Warbler, Yellow Warbler (getting late) and a thrush that I think was a Gray-cheeked but had only one look at. It was in the trees near the picnic benches across the old chained concrete bridge east of the restrooms. Right now it is catharus sp. We spent some time trying to pry it out again but only saw a rather uncooperative but definitely eye-ringed thrush.

We then pursued the Tropical Kingbird that Tim Rodenkirk found up the Winchuck River. We missed on the first try (found the three Say’s Phoebes that Tim had, plus a Vesper Sparrow). After lunch Caleb and Nolan walked the road again and found the Tropical near the rusty-roofed barn/big shed near mp1.

We then went to Mill Beach Rd. (too windy) and Lone Ranch, where Nolan spotted another Tropical K. On the way north to Gold Beach we found another Palm Warbler at the little bridge just south of the Pistol River fire station.

That’s it as of 5 pm, but while I nap Nolan and Caleb are still birding....

Alan Contreras
Eugene, Oregon


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