Date: 10/12/18 8:01 am
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Subject: Re: The Big Sit
Hi All,

Shaver’s Creek will be hosting a Big Sit on our boardwalk platform tomorrow. All are welcome to join at any point in the day, and you can find us by coming to Shaver’s Creek or you can park at Stone Valley and walk the lake trail to the center. Bring a chair and snacks and dress for the weather.


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If anyone wants to come out to Muddy Paws on Sunday and help count that circle we don't have anyone for late morning. I'll be there early morning and you can meet some other Penns Valley birding people around 6 pm.
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Subject: The Big Sit

its coming up this weekend, saturday and/or sunday

our state is leading for the most circles registered, which is cool we
have so many willing to participate

if you haven't done one before, its easy, or find one near you to join
for a while

sitting at a hawkwatch? you are already doing a big sit, just need to
register and add the raptor food as counters like to call it.

can only do it a few hours? thats fine. you can come an go.

here is the site where you can see registereed circles for all of the
state and other countries.;data=02%7C01%<7Cjpg186...>%7Cc49f6217aff4442ed1a808d62ef324f4%7C7cf48d453ddb4389a9c1c115526eb52e%7C0%7C0%7C636748019191083803&amp;sdata=I0xMwc427TQAhbIp%2FMnDPIbFApW0KjjmiO5b98sSH54%3D&amp;reserved=0<<7Cdjw105...>%7C670c8e9fa2a6409644ac08d62fc6486e%7C7cf48d453ddb4389a9c1c115526eb52e%7C0%7C0%7C636748926004185193&sdata=kDyULGnGHxfneHMdUqiSuir%2FvOqHdfPLNizmehwdCJU%3D&reserved=0>

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