Date: 10/11/18 1:49 pm
From: Bob and Elaine McNulty <bob.mcn...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Blendon Woods Metro Park Columbus
Birding was good on the goldenrod trail, lake trail and brookside trail.
Yellow rumped warblers
Black throated green warblers
Nashville warblers
American redstart
Northern parula
Magnolia warblers
Cape May warblers
Bay breasted warblers
Tennessee warbler
Black throated blue warblers

Dark eyed Junco
Ruby crowned kinglets
Golden crowned kinglets
Blue headed vireos
Swamp sparrow
Winter wrens
Red breasted nuthatches
Yellow bellied sapsucker
Hermit thrush

Good news. My rubber boots still keep my feet dry. I guess you can poke a hole in them
and they seal themselves. Come to think about it, you can poke a hole in me and I reseal too!

Bob McNulty


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