Date: 10/11/18 1:43 pm
From: world oceans <world.oceans7...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Late Broadwings -- storm birds?

Nice to hear about the beautiful terns that Lillie, Patty and others found
today! I birded the Atlanta airport (a favorite because of its immense
vistas of open sky). I did not find coastal or pelagic goodies other than a
very high-flying, large tern (Royal or Caspian) in the overcast
morning/high winds. But I did see two separate juvenile Broad-winged hawks,
straddling the line between Clayton and Fulton counties. According to
ebird, this beats the all-time departure date for Broadwings in Clayton Co.
by three days. Since some broadwings do overwinter in Florida and Cuba, I
wonder if these birds had already made it that far and got blown back to
Georgia by the hurricane!

James Gibson
Clayton Co.

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