Date: 10/11/18 9:37 am
From: <jrwinner...>
Subject: American Bald Eagles in Nov.
From: J.Winner - Muskogee, Ok
During the Winter I help Judy Bryant/ Sutton Center monitor and check the nests of the American Bald Eagles.The area I cover is driving 2 large circles in the Muskogee, Ok. area. My current nest count, active for last year (2017) is (22) The arrival of nesting Bald Eagles in my area starts with a pair- near the Ft.Gibson Dam- East of Muskogee. For some unknown reason this pair is the first to arrive, over the last 3 years showing up the first of Nov. I will start looking for them soon. In regards to your friends visit, unless we have very cold weather to push them into the region- the majority of nesting birds set up in late- Nov.-to-Mid Dec. I will post first sightings when they arrive.
There is a chance to see Bald Eagles at various locations- in early Nov.
Flying and sitting in trees- prior to building and nesting. Good luck in OKC area.
The actual location and access to a nest is what makes viewing possible.
If viewing a nested pair on eggs- patience is required and sometimes rewarded. Good luck on your search. I also like Sequoyah NWR.
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