Date: 10/11/18 12:02 am
From: Karen Garrett <kjgarrett84...>
Subject: Re: birds
Gee, and I thought I was doing pretty good in seeing 3 Great Egrets at the
Fish Hatchery in Centerton, along with 7 Great Blues, and 1 Green Heron. I
spent about 3 hours birding the fish hatchery, and surrounding area, as
well as the Vaughn area. I totaled 5 Scissor-taileds, down from my last
trip last week. I picked up 6 Red-tailed Hawks, which was the most I've
seen in an area since last March, I think, and saw about a dozen of some
type of hawk, kettling WAY up above Centerton. They were too high for me
to see, very quickly. "Best" bird of the day was Yellow-throated Warbler
near the dairy farms at Vaughn. Best bird that got away without an ID was
a large falcon at the fish hatchery. If I knew that was my lifer
Peregrine, I would probably cry. It was after sunset, and it flew low and
into the treeline before I got the bins on it. I drove the area until it
got too dark to see much. Another interesting note for today's
observations was the fairly large number of vociferous Eastern
Meadowlarks. I don't know how many there were, but I heard a lot of
singing. All in all, although I was hoping for more passerines today, it
was still a good afternoon of birding, with about 36 species. I still have
to sort out the peeps from my photos, so that's a fluid number.

Karen Garrett

On Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 9:50 PM Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>

> Nice generic subject line eh? Sometimes I don't know what to put and my
> mind is elsewhere...
> Went out to city lake in Siloam Springs today. As always, it was
> difficult to leave. The longer you watch, the more you'll see. Slowly
> walking away, headed back to the van... and, wait, there's another bird.
> I had at least 1 sedge wren calling and a lot of the ordinary birds I
> usually see. Saw a great blue heron in the distance that had me looking
> and taking pictures. Sometime last year, I think, I saw a report
> somewhere of a gray heron and people going back and forth discussing the
> differences... like the thighs on a great blue are a reddish color and
> the gray heron has more of a gray. I know it's wishful thinking but,
> sometimes I'll see a great blue with more of a gray colored leg...
> probably just young. Just the same, anytime it doesn't look the way I'd
> expect, I start to look and look and look. HA. All that to say, I saw
> one like that today. From where I was, the upper legs almost looked
> white. the pictures I got are lousy, it was a good ways off, but I think
> it was just the lighting. When that sun gets at just the right angle, it
> really changes the colors of things on me. Can be frustrating but also
> makes things interesting sometimes. :)
> There was one great egret at the lake... that is until later on when I
> heard some croaking overhead. I looked up to see 3 herons and about 33
> great egrets. A few more herons flew over, here and there... eventually
> some more egrets flew over but I never know if any were the ones that
> had already flown over and perhaps just turned back to come check out
> the lake.
> Either way, 34 great egrets is a high count for me anywhere. Saw at
> least 2 bald eagles among a LOT of circling vultures... one wasn't quite
> all the way grown. Had white on the head and tail but was still mottled
> like a young one. Had a red-tailed and a swainson's hawk... a couple
> that looked like accipiters way overhead... and one DARK hawk I probably
> need to look at the pictures of. This was black, from what I could see.
> Had the look of a turkey vulture with a lighter trailing edge to the wings.
> counting the unknowns, had about 30 species there including a
> scissor-tailed flycatcher. Saw one of those at Aldi a little later.
> Heard a pair of great horned owls hooting back and forth on the north
> side of the lake despite the sound of rapid gunfire over there. Don't
> know if they were on the mountain bike trail but, I'm thinking they may
> have been. :( I was quite surprised to hear the owls from the same
> direction as all that gunfire.
> No hummingbirds were seen but there was still some jewel weed among
> other plants that could support some if there are any around. Found a
> nice tiny trumpetish kind of red flower. I don't know if it's the native
> trumpet honeysuckle or a different plant. I didn't see a ton of leaves
> on it. Couldn't get too close because it was in a really wet area. I
> loved seeing it though as I don't see that kind of plant often. got a
> picture so I can try and be sure on the ID. The swamp milkweed there is
> really dropping seeds right now.
> I don't get to go birdwatching as often as I'd like so I'm quite happy
> when I have places like that to go that are nearby... I can find a spot
> there and just stand there for quite some time soaking it in. I need to
> go off exploring some trails a bit more but, sometimes I'll just stay in
> one place and enjoy. I can't wait til they have a blind there where I
> can also just sit down and relax. :)
> wishing I had more time but making the best of what I have... :)
> And, picked up two new bird feeders at tractor supply today. More money
> than I wanted to spend but I'm mostly happy with the ones I found(didn't
> like the ones at lowes, walmart, or atwoods) as it had the features I
> wanted... and, from today til a few days from now, all feeders and
> houses are 20% off so, that worked out real well.
> Keep looking up....... and down... and left and right... (and don't
> forget, right behind you)
> Daniel Mason
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