Date: 10/10/18 10:43 pm
From: Aaron Lang <birdingak...> [AKBirding] <AKBirding-noreply...>
Subject: [AK Birding] Ross's Gulls, Barrow
Report from Barrow:

The annual flight of Ross's Gulls past Barrow was a bit sluggish in
arriving this year, but today the birds began to flood past in numbers. A
single bird flew down the beach late this morning, which was the first
Ross's Gull seen here since a lone bird flew past on October 5th. This
despite the diligence of several birders watching all week. This morning's
first Ross's Gull was followed by 9 more within the hour, and by 1 pm they
were flying by constantly. In a 45 minute period (around 1pm) we tallied
510. Most of these were seen with naked eye or just binoculars and if you
were to scan with the scope you could seen many more on the horizon. The
flight slowed down a bit by late afternoon but smaller numbers of birds
continued to fly by for the rest of the day.

Aaron Lang

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