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Don,I'm glad you got to see the Anna's.  Yes, Terese was so excited to have the Anna's coming in so regularly.  Unfortunately, I was in NE the week before to visit, but missed it.  It is great she will be doing feeder watching for the Ames count.  We go birding as much as we can when I come home.  In July, we did go to Hitchcock, and we were going to try to go in September, but circumstances did not allow the time.  Terese told me the names of the folks that had signed the page, and it is fun to hear familiar names, some of whom I have met in person, some online, and some just reading their posts.
Stay warm, it is snowing here.Diane

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Hi Diane!
Janis and I went to see the Anna's Hummingbird Sunday morning and didn't have to wait long to see it. After a few minutes we got a really great look. We had no idea at the time that Mrs. Hill is your sister. She is very gracious for letting a bunch of strange birders hang around her back yard. Gary Roberts from Fremont visited with her when was there, and it sounds like we have acquired a feeder watcher for the Ames CBC as your sister lives in the southeast part of the circle.

Since it's still to wet to harvest, I went to Hitchcock today. It was a little chilly on the tower but there were enough birds to keep us from getting too cold, though there were zero visitors on the tower today. If you and/or your sister ever visit, make sure that you wear lots of clothes.
Don Paseka
Ames Nebraska

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I spoke to my sister tonight and she indicated that the Anna's Hummingbird male was at her feeder as late as 6:40 pm today.. 
Diane T in Laramie, WY

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