Date: 10/10/18 6:39 pm
From: 'Lucy and Bob Duncan' <robertaduncan...> [albirds] <albirds-noreply...>
Subject: [ALBIRDS] Birding prospects
Hi all,

We dodged the bullet here in the Pensacola - Gulf Breeze area. We got NE to
W winds about 25 - 30 mph most of the day but except for losing planks on
our pier, we came out OK. This was not a situation for pelagics in Pensacola
Bay, with strong offshore winds prevailing. We did salvage a sighting of 10
Frigatebirds though. If anyone in Georgia is reading this, I would strongly
suggest you check your lakes and reservoirs for pelagics, if possible under
the circumstances. How often do you get a Cat 3 hurricane in interior

Birdcast is predicting high movements of birds through our area tonight
through Friday night. I have reservations about tonight for us here on the
coast as winds currently are W pretty strong and it looks like right now
there is precipitation in N. GA. and N. AL. So I think tomorrow night, with
clear skies and N winds 13 - 20 mph, should be the night birds should be
flying south. Friday may be good as well with N winds continuing and clear
skies. This bodes well for the Alabama Ornithological Soc. meeting at
Dauphin Island this weekend.

We coastal birders need a break as this fall has been really slow. Let's
hope the break comes this weekend.

Bob Duncan

Gulf Breeze in the battered Panhandle of FL.

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