Date: 10/10/18 6:09 pm
From: Andy Martin <apmartin2...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Re: Ducks in Danger
Bob, you might find following link interesting.

My understanding is that the entire Potomac River (shoreline to shoreline) is a "no firearms" (Urban zone) from the DC/MD line upstream to mouth of Watts Branch Crk near the WSSC water filtration Plant. Upstream of that point to mouth of Seneca Crk, the "no firearms" rule only applies to the MD side shoreline. So in that sense, guess its technically legal to hunt from the river, even if your only an inch from shore.

Weirdly, there is sort of a similar "loophole" regarding wade fishing/swimming in Potomac in same area. If you wade into the Potomac from C&O NHP property and get caught, you could be subject to a hefty fine but if your already in a canoe or boat and jump out into water, perfectly legal.

I vaguely remember an old post to MDOsprey by Dave Czaplak who observed and lamented a Long-tailed Duck being shot by hunter in vicinity of Violette's Lock. A bird rare for the locale and rare by our (birder's) standards but not a rare duck in big scheme of things.

If I read my MD hunting regs correctly and suppose you were out w/ a gun at Hughes Hollow during the proper season, think you could legally bag a Sora or Virginia Rail if you came across one. A foreign concept to me as a birder but the MD hunting regs just don't seem to take that kind of thing into account. Not saying I like it but guess it all depends on your POV.

Andy Martin

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