Date: 10/10/18 5:19 pm
From: Neil McDonal <00000110fb120f04-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Palm Warbler at Jean NV (lawn patch)
Today, Tom C and I went out to Jean, and on our return trip after leaving a pretty slow and in-noteworthy Primm, we refound the Palm Warbler that Ben Zyla reported yesterday at Jean. For those unfamiliar with Jean, it is about 10 miles east of Primm and just a wee bit more from the California Border. Find the 18 wheeler parking just west of the access road after leaving the off ramp road to the casino (south of I-15); Terribles Chevron is located on the north side if I-15 as a reference. The lawn patch(es) sort of string along the south side of the east bound off ramp road and follow past the last obvious patch until you hit the lawn (weed) patch very near the Jumbotron type sign for the casino. The sign is visible from a ways but the last patch isn’t until you get close to it.

Quite a bit of activity here by sparrows and multiple species of warblers.

Good birding!

Neil M

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