Date: 10/10/18 5:04 pm
From: <jmeredit...>
Subject: [COBOL] Wednesdays 8 am. now for "winter hours" and POSS Great-tailed GRACKLE CRW
Somewhat buried in my usual long post about birding were 2 messages to

Carpooling times for Wednesdays will be an hour later now that daylight
hours are shortened.

POSSIBLE Great-tailed Grackle at first pond on the left as entering the
Crooked River Wetlands complex. It was walking along the edge of
vegetation and disappeared after 2 of us watched it briefly. It was a
female bird, no streaks on front of warm buffy/brown chest/breast. I am
aware that male Great-tailed Grackle was seen earlier in the year there.
Briefly considered female Rusty BB for ID but Sherrie and I both thought
it was too large. Strong light supercillium was noted by us. It may
have had a large bill, gone too fast to get all the details.

Maybe Ron or Chuck or Cash will get out there and relocate it as we know
they find stuff. Judy, <jmeredit...>
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