Date: 10/10/18 5:00 pm
From: Mike Patterson <celata...>
Subject: [obol] The hunt for errant sulids and other news
It seemed unlikely that I was going to find the sulid David Bailey
reported yesterday by hanging out in Gearhart, so I opted for the
South Jetty of the Columbia River. I did not find it, but there are
thousands of pelicans and cormorants out on East Sand Island, too
far away for detailed work, but scopable from parking lot D. Someone
with a boat might have better luck.

I had several other interesting encounters at SJCR, however. There
were 6 HORNED LARKS, which looked like Streak-backed Larks to my eye
on the river beach along with AMERICAN PIPITS. A single PACIFIC-
GOLDEN PLOVER, ID'd by call, flew over the flats.

I flushed 7 LAPLAND LONGSPURS near the big pond and a MYSTERY LONGSPUR
hanging out with SAVANNAH SPARROWS near the back ponds. I'm pretty sure
the singleton said "kittle" (two separate times), but I lost track of it
and could not confirm. (with HOLA photos)

Another one that got away was a bird that flew across the main road as I
was heading south right about where the shrubbery opens up so you can
see Trestle Bay. It was the size of a shrike and flew like a shrike,
but had no white on the wings or tail. Best guess was SAGE THRASHER.

I went out to Brownsmead on Sunday and Tuesday to play songs at the
bushes around the grange, but no NORTHERN WATERTHRUSHES. I even tried
the recording I made from the individual that over-wintered last season.

At least 3 and maybe 4 CLAY-COLORED SPARROW reports over the last couple

Mike Patterson
Astoria, OR
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